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24 Hour Endurance Race
WHEN: 10/11 December 2016 starting 12pm
WHERE: Red Star Raceway
COST: R6000.00 per team. Between 4 and 6 riders.
About the Race

SA’s biggest social race  is at Red Star again for 2016, and is again social and fun with groupings, half hour stops and a Relay Race. Read on…

Relay Race: more than one bike per team…

In the Endurance Race, each team completes the race with one motorcycle, but in the Relay Race class a team can use more than one bike. For example, 4 riders in a team can use 4 different bikes, 5 riders 5 bikes and 6 riders 6 bikes. Both classes start and finish together and follow the same pit stop and ABCD group rules.

Teams: A minimum of 4 riders with a maximum of 6 riders per team.

Riders will be placed into groups changing every half hour according to their riding ability and lap times as follows:-

Group- A Unlimited

Group- B Not faster than 2:05

Group- C Not faster than 2:10

Group- D Not faster than 2:20

Each team nominates riders from fastest (rider 1) to slowest (rider 6), and from this they will be allocated into their ½ hour groups thusly:

Rider 1 –  A Group Only

Rider 2 –  A & B Group

Rider 3 – A B & C Group

Rider 4 – B C & D Group

Rider 5 – C & D Group

Rider 6 – C & D Group

ALL riders will each receive a participation trophy when they sign up at documentation.

One event MSA licences will be available from documentation.

For more information on the race, please email the race secretary on



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