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Video: The scariest near-crash of the Isle of Man TT - Click on your required items

Video: The scariest near-crash of the TT

The Isle of Man is quite possibly the scariest motorcycle race in the world with riders requiring nerves (and other organs) of steel and lightning fast reaction times. Generally, IOM TT racers shrug off close encounters which is understandable given how often said encounters are, in fact, encountered. But even double TT winner James Hillier breathed a visible sigh of relief after this near-crash.

It took place at the Ballagarey Corner situated between three and four miles into the 37 mile (roughly 60km) lap. On that section riders are flat out in fifth gear, meaning they are riding somewhere in the region of 250km/h. Midway through the bend there is a slight lip that riders normally bounce over almost imperceptibly. However, if you happen to hit it slightly wrong, as Hiller did on his Kawasaki ZX-10R, things become a little less imperceptible.

See the video below:


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